LifeStone Dynamic is a Louisville Company that uses the world's first bendable stone, Weathered Stone®, to create stunning stone masterpieces in your home or business. From walls, to archways, to ceilings, to columns, we can transform your home into a royal retreat.

How it works:

While wet, our stone material becomes pliable, allowing it to be shaped and molded to fit almost any surface in your home. As it dries, the stone surface becomes solid and after grouting, looks and feels just like real stone.


LifeStone Dynamic gives you the look and feel of natural stone at around 1/4 the price. Affordable Luxury.

Benefits of Weathered Stone® versus natural stone:

• No need to reinforce structures to install.
• There is no dust or debris on the work space.
• There is little noise during the installation process.
• There are no toxic substances or smells.
• No need to evacuate the room.
• Doesn't take long to install.
• Not a large crew of workers in your home.
• Costs 1/4 or less the cost of natural stone.
• Unlimited design resources and work possibilities.
• No need for extra storage facility for your house or office.

LifeStone is best experienced in person. Contact us now to schedule an apointment for a presentation. See and feel the beauty of LifeStone Dynamic for yourself.