How durable is Weathered Stone®?

Unsealed Weathered Stone® has the same durability as a standard commercial vinyl wall covering with one advantage: Weathered Stone® is repairable. For countertops and floors Weathered Stone is installed with Durra-Core Adhesive and sealed giving it the same durability as a hard wood floor.

Can Weathered Stone® be repaired?

Yes. Weathered Stone® grout will fill any nail holes or minor damage. Larger damage will require that a panel be replaced and regrouted. It will not affect the finished wall.

How thick is Weathered Stone®?

This product is approximately 1/32nd of an inch thick with a 1/64th of an inch variance in texture.

Can Weathered Stone® be installed in areas of high moisture?

Suitable for high moisture areas such as bathrooms with out using a clear coat sealer. Counter tops and/or shower stall walls require a clear coat sealer. It is recommended to use our waterproof, acid and oil resistant clear coat.

Can you custom color Weathered Stone®?

Yes; the manufacturer can develop a match to any color.

How do you clean Weathered Stone®?

Use warm water or a mild detergent to clean the product.

Does Weathered Stone® have a fire rating?

Yes; Weathered Stone® has a "Class A" fire rating.

How much does it cost?

The average nationwide completed project costs around 1/4 less than natural stone. Contact us to get a customized quote for your project.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 20 year limited warranty.